Designed by researchers, for researchers, Heurist reduces complex relational structures to simple, logical choices
and provides comprehensive tools to collect, manage, analyse, visualise, export, publish and archive information.
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Set Up a New Database

Create your first database on this Heurist server ( by registering as a user.
As creator of a database you becomes the database owner and can manage the database and other database users.
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New Users

Please register in order to define the user who will become the database owner and administrator.

Existing Users

If you are already a user of another database on this server, we suggest logging into that database and creating your new database via the Administration menu, as this will carry over your login information from the existing database.
Find your database
You will be redirected to the Heurist database upon your selection

Set Up a New Database

As creator of a database you becomes the database owner and can manage the database and other database users.

Enter a name for the database

hdb_ _
Do not use punctuation except underscore, names are case sensitive.

The user name prefix is editable, and may be left blank, but we suggest using a consistent prefix for
personal databases so that they are easily identified and appear together in the search for databases.

Database is being created ...


Congratulations, your new database has been created

We suggest bookmarking this address for future access
After logging in to your new database, we suggest visiting the Design menu to customise the structure of your database. You can modify the database structure repeatedly as your needs evolve without invalidating data already entered.

Terms and conditions


If your database has disappeared: Databases which have not been updated for more than 3 / 6 / 12 months, depending on size, will be archived unless marked for retention.
Databases can be recovered later but it makes work for us, so please just create a new one if you did not enter any data.
If you have a reference database which will never be updated or there will be a hiatus > 3 months in use of your database please inform us so we can protect it from deletion.